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Forumet hvor det er lov å kalle en spade for en spade:-)

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Sitter og bruker tiden på denne strengen på ADV rider.
Coast to coast with an Italian supermodel

Har sans for måten han uttrykker seg på:

Anyhow, back to the Ducati and its effect on the opposite sex. You have to do a lot to get close enough to whisper sweet nothings into a woman's ear. But the Ducati takes care of this from a half mile away. The aural noises the V-twin makes apparently stimulate a woman in ways no other vehicle I've ever owned does. So by the time you arrive they're waiting with anticipation. Performance figures of BMWs S1000RR (which seems to be crushing the Panigale in all the magazine comparos) might be the stuff of adolescent male dreams--and if that's your thing (16 year old boys), look no further than the BMW dealer. But the Ducati undeniably makes panties wet. Anyone who owns one can attest to this I'm sure, but this is my first one, so it comes as a bit of a surprise. I don't see it on any of the schematics and it's not listed in any of the spec sheets, but somewhere under all that gorgeous bodywork lies a proverbial babe magnet.

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Haha, dette med Ducati og damer er jo gammelt nytt, det trodde jeg da alle visste  Very Happy Very Happy

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